This project has moved. For the latest updates, please go here.

Wpf RangeSlider for Winforms



This project has moved. For the latest updates, please go here.


1. What it does it do?
RangeSlider is a WPF .dll for Winforms. Thank you to joyofcode!

1.2. Features
Trackbar with 2 thumbs where you can select a range not just a value.

2. Requirements
- Winforms

3. Installation
Download source code and compile.

4. Tutorial
Add a reference to the .dll to your project. In designer add an ElementHost Element to your Winforms. In your main class add this code in the constructor:

rs = new BetterControl.RangeSlider();

rs.LowerValue = 30;
rs.UpperValue = 90;
rs.Minimum = 0;
rs.Maximum = 100;
this.elementHost1.Child = rs;
rs.OnLowerSlider_ValueChanged += new BetterControl.RangeSlider.MyControlEventHandler(rs_OnLowerSlider_ValueChanged);
rs.OnUpperSlider_ValueChanged += new BetterControl.RangeSlider.MyControlEventHandler(rs_OnUpperSlider_ValueChanged);

and add the function for the value changed:

void rs_OnLowerSlider_ValueChanged(object sender, double result)


void rs_OnUpperSlider_ValueChanged(object sender, double result)
         MessageBox.Show("U" + result.ToString());


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